New Pricing


To reopen, we have drastically limited the number of guests at any one time, and eliminated drop-in swimming, both out of safety concerns, but also to improve the experience.  Guests will now have a much more private stay, and this will provide a more enjoyable, peaceful atmosphere.  We are also increasing efforts at cleanliness and maintenance, including new mattresses, adding mattress covers and a sheet on which to place your sleeping bags or bedding.  With all of these changes, we need to increase prices in order to meet our overhead. 

Below you will find a table with the updated Winter 2021 pricing.  

Available Cabins Winter 2021 Cabin Capacity Winter Pricing
Busby: 1 Queen 2 people $175 
Broken Wing: 1 Queen 2 people $175 
Derail: 1 Queen  2 people $175
Dutch: 1 Queen  2 people $175 
First Cabin: 1 Full 2 people $175 
Long Tom: 1 Queen 2 people $175
Tackle: 1 Full, 1 Queen 4 people $200 
Laurel Ann: 2 Full 4 people $200 
Castle: 2 Queen, 3 Full  Up to 6 people* $280 for 5 people/$300 for 6
Hornet’s Nest:2 Queen, 2 Full, 1 Twin Up to 6 people* $280  for 5 people/$300 for 6

*single household family only