Reopening Letter


Hello, Guests,

Burgdorf Hot Springs is a National Register Historic Site, established in 1865.  It has been Harris family-owned for nearly 100 years, after purchase from Fred Burgdorf, half of that time by Connie and I, and, now, our four children.  Fortunately, we all hold the same appreciation and vision for preservation moving forward into the next 150 years.  We have tried to share it in a sustainable way so others can  appreciate this unique, authentic late-19th-century experience, as many have done for generations.

As many of you know, Burgdorf has been “discovered”, and, at times, overrun, to the detriment of the historic atmosphere and guest experience.  Now, with voluntary closure for 10 months due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and our desire to do our part to limit spread, we have been afforded an opportunity to reevaluate the direction we want to take Burgdorf, while at the same time coming up with a plan for a limited, Covid-aware  reopening. 

This entails closing to direct, drop-in pool access while offering a limited number of cabins with reduced occupancy, and adhering to scientifically proven principles known to reduce risk of exposure.  This will include wearing of masks outside of the cabins when a 12 foot distance cannot be maintained, distancing of 12 feet, hand hygiene, and no group congregation inside the cabins and pool area.  The two larger cabins will be available only to family units already living together.  We hope guests understand and support our efforts on everyone’s behalf.  We will require adult guests to sign a waiver, and acknowledge acceptance of and willingness to abide by the common safety rules.

We will not be reopening for drop-in swim guests at this time.  When safety affords in the future, we are considering reopening for a few hours per day for outside access for reserved swims.   For now, the pool will be available only to cabin guests on a reservation basis through the day and limited to no more than 10 people at a time. 

The cabins have been upgraded and will be thoroughly cleaned after each occupancy, allowing a dormant period in between.  We are redoubling sanitation measures.  Guests will be provided with a clean sheet on which to place their own bedding to cover the new mattresses and mattress covers.  There will be limited direct interaction with staff, again using masking, hand hygiene, and distancing.

We are excited about this opportunity to provide a much more limited, peaceful, quiet and relaxed atmosphere which will give guests a more introspective and intimate stay.  We trust these changes will enhance enjoyment of this unique place and will be pleasing to those who appreciate the essence of  Burgdorf as we work to ensure a quality, safe experience.  We have found it necessary to increase prices to meet costs with this reduced access, especially in the winter, and hope you understand.


Scott and Connie Harris and family

December 22, 2020