Site Policies


  • Please care for your cabin & leave as you find it: Do not mark, carve or write on your cabin. No smoking inside the cabin.  Outside music can be disruptive to others, so, please, keep your music devices inside, and at respectable volume.
  • Stove & Fire Use: Firewood gathering and burning represents a big carbon footprint and expense, and woodstoves can be dangerous.  Please help us do our part to conserve firewood & be fire safe at all times. Please, no fires outside of the cabins as this is an extreme fire danger for us. Use stove air vents & dampers to control proper functioning of your wood stove. Keep stove door closed at all times and do not overload with wood. Do not put any flammable objects on top of or near your stove or stovepipe. Please be careful when around a wood stove, touching only the door handle, damper or air vents with careful consideration of heat produced and possibility of skin burns. If you need further assistance or have not used a woodstove in the past, it would be our pleasure to help you! Please ask personnel at store for assistance.
  • Follow all Pool Rules: No alcohol, glass, food, music devices, or soap in the pool area. Please be respectful of all patrons and remain 6ft away in the pool, or if outside of pool please wear a mask and try to maintain a minimum of 12ft social distance, if possible. Pool hours will be from 8am-10pm with pool reservations required, and with no more than 10 people in the pool at a single time.   Reservations can be made at time of arrival and we are happy to assist you with which time slot works best for you.  This will provide a more private, peaceful experience for cabin guests, and give an added layer of protection.
  • Cabin Capacities: Due to risk of Covid19 spread, only single household reservations will be accepted for the Castle and Hornet’s Nest with a maximum of 6 people. All small social groups (no more than 10 persons, please) will be required to reserve separate cabins per household. No group congregating in cabins or in the pool and pool area, please. 
  • Motorized Use: Snowmobilers and motorcyclists, please be conscientious of noise around the resort and keeping dust to a minimum, riding only on the established trails. Please try to limit the number of vehicle trips to and from your cabin.  When dusty, use the parking lot after unloading, if you are able.  Please do not ride in the large wildlife meadow to the west, which is entirely on Burgdorf property and contains a conservation easement to protect our coveted wildlife and fisheries. 
  • Please pack all trash out: “Leave no trace.”
  • Cabin Items: Please do not rearrange lighting or remove from your cabin.   You will be charged for missing or damaged items or cabins, including furnishings.  Please help us preserve the historic ambiance.
  • Check In: 3pm, Check Out: 11am
  • No pets allowed on property: Please leave your furry friends at home.
  • Additional Mask Recommendation: For added protection of folks in your group who are elderly or who have medical conditions, we recommend everyone wear masks/face coverings even inside your cabins.
  • Provisions: If possible, to protect our McCall community and yourselves, we suggest you try to purchase the supplies you envision needing within your home community.